GRRR… PETA Pitches Violence To Kids

If you’ve visited our sister site lately, you may have noticed an update profile of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Our new & improved look at PETA includes many of the group’s most recent flirtations with bad taste and violent crime. It also points out an unpleasant fact about PETA’s child-oriented magazine, called “GRRR! kids bite back.

The very name of this publication is intended to prep pre-teens to identify with the terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which has long used the phrase “bite back” as a rallying cry for violent crime. ALF members and supporters also maintain an entire organization called “Bite Back.” Here’s how the group describes itself: “Formed in 2002 too [sic] feed an animal rights movement hungry for ALF advocacy, Bite Back is all volunteer [sic], grassroots organization…

There’s Bite Back magazine, the most recent issue of which includes an interview with PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and an article penned by convicted ALF arsonist and PETA grantee Rodney Coronado. Coronado dubbed his own early-1990’s arson spree “Operation Bite Back.

A graphic on Bite Back’s website parodies the MasterCard commercials, flashing: “gloves $4; balaclava $8; boltcutters $24; liberation, priceless.” That rhetoric echoes Rodney Coronado’s words as he demonstrated how to build an incendiary device before about 300 young people at American University this January:

Here’s a little model I’m going to show you here. I didn’t have any incense, but — this is a crude incendiary device. It is a simple plastic jug, which you fill with gasoline and oil. You put in a sponge, which is soaked also in flammable liquid — I couldn’t find an incense stick, but this represents that. You put the incense stick in here, light it, place it — underneath the ‘weapon of mass destruction,’ light the incense stick — sandalwood works nice — and you destroy the profits that are brought about through animal and earth abuse. That’s about — two dollars.

Unfortunately, Coronado and Bite Back are absolutely correct to say that it doesn’t cost much to cause a great deal of destruction. But it is perhaps even more unfortunate that no one has stopped PETA from propagandizing children about the virtues of domestic terrorism.

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