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Schmeiser Says: ‘Reach For Your Wallet’

Pity poor Percy Schmeiser. Convicted of stealing genetically improved seeds (which he falsely claims landed on his fields without his knowledge), Schmeiser has been transformed by the likes of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth from common criminal to anti-biotech martyr. And that makes his fibs a matter of real importance.

According to Schmeiser’s website, he has “received donations of about $12,000 to help his legal bills — mostly in $50 and $100 checks from other farmers.” Trouble is, financial documents show that he has in fact received more than $127,000. How does Schmeiser respond to these new allegations? “I don’t think that’s on my website. I don’t remember seeing that.”

And yet it’s still there! Just scroll about three quarters of the way down the page.

This kind of deception is typical for opponents of genetically enhanced food crops. Not only do they play make-believe with imaginary health and environmental threats, but they imagine themselves as David in a great big battle with corporate Goliath. As The Center for Consumer Freedom wrote in a recent issue of The American Spectator:

In this country alone, more than a hundred separate organizations agitate against what they derisively call “Frankenfoods.” According to their tax returns and annual reports, such groups spent over $400 million worldwide in 2001.

Some David.

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