CCF TV Ads Expose PETA

Beginning last night, millions of Fox News Channel viewers learned that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is linked with domestic terrorism. Two new television ads produced by the Center for Consumer Freedom expose PETA for funding, condoning, and supporting arson and other forms of violence.

One of our new 30-second commercials features a young woman who talks about teaching her children to love and respect animals. But she denounces PETA’s support of violence as extreme and unacceptable.

The second spot begins by exposing PETA’s opposition to all medical research using animals, including efforts to find cures for leukemia, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. It also highlights the $70,000 PETA gave to Rodney Coronado, a convicted arsonist who burned down a Michigan State University research lab. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk recently referred to Coronado as “a fine young man.” Our ad shows Coronado, videotaped less than a year after his parole expired, demonstrating to student activists how to build a firebomb.

These commercials are likely to shock PETA’s financial donors, many of whom are in the dark about how radical the group really is. PETA’s zealots have made careers out of being (in Ingrid Newkirk’s words) “complete press sluts.” But now, at last, there’s a spotlight that the group doesn’t want to occupy.

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