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With the recent demotion of trial-lawyer apologist Ben Kelley from his “executive director” perch, tobacco lawsuit veteran Richard Daynard is now the driving force behind the Public Health Advocacy Institute. This Boston-based group is working to undermine our civil courts by encouraging obesity-related lawsuits against restaurants and food companies. On Sunday the Boston Globe quoted Daynard saying that Americans “believe to a totally unrealistic degree that everything can be dealt with by willpower.” That’s the kind of thing we’d expect to hear from food cops and trial lawyers. But Daynard’s own personal history contradicts his claims about willpower.

The Globe writes that Daynard “lost 25 pounds a couple of years back.” When asked how he did it, Daynard replied simply: “I ate a lot less.” And miracle of miracles! He didn’t have to sue anyone to do it.

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