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RFK Jr. Sued For Making False Statements

Why didn’t this happen earlier? The Associated Press reports that Waterkeeper Alliance president Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been sued by Polish pork farmers “over allegations he called the company a ‘mafia organization.'” The suit asks that Kennedy be prevented from spreading “untrue and debasing information.” Best of luck. Kennedy regularly makes outrageous and misleading claims about American pork farmers, and the public debate would be much better off without his shrill accusations.

Kennedy can hardly talk about farmers without accusing them of criminal behavior — so it comes as no surprise that he threw around the word “mafia” in Poland. It just so happens that Kennedy has filed lawsuits against pig farmers under the same RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) used by prosecutors to combat organized crime families. But the basis for Kennedy’s lawsuits are just so much hogwash. As the AP reports, in dismissing a suit Kennedy brought last year, “a judge ordered Kennedy and attorneys for the other plaintiffs to pay the company’s legal expenses.”

Our regular readers know that last year Kennedy accused pig farmers of being a greater threat than Al Qaeda. That’s only the most egregious example of Kennedy’s disgraceful hyperbole. Robert Boyle, founder of Riverkeeper (the predecessor to Kennedy’s Waterkeeper Alliance) got it right when he called Kennedy
“very reckless,” and said that he has “assumed an arrogance above his intellectual stature

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