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Sarah Jane Has A Beef

The flacks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are aglow about their newest celebrity recruit: Australian model Sarah Jane, touted as “The World’s Most Downloaded Woman.” She has joined the ranks of Pamela Anderson, Paul McCartney, Russell Simmons and Chrissie Hynde in an anti-KFC campaign, urging the fast-food purveyor to change the way it treats chickens on its farms.

But Jane’s Web site shows she isn’t a picky eater. Her list of favorite foods includes “raw meat,” lamb kidney, lamb curry and “hagas,” which we interpret as the Scottish treat haggis — a yummy combination of minced heart, lungs and liver of a sheep or calf that’s boiled in the slaughtered animal’s stomach. Her turnoffs: “Non animal lovers and over cooked meat.”

“We have no qualms with her diet, but it’s puzzling that the world’s most rabid vegetarian group would pick someone who enjoys haggis as one of their spokes-persons,” Mike Burita of the Center for Consumer Freedom told us yesterday. (The center represents restaurants, food companies and “concerned individuals who are tired of groups like PETA telling us what we can and cannot eat,” he says.)

PETA doesn’t exclude carnivores, spokesman Michael McGraw said, adding: “A lot of our celebrity supporters pick and choose their battles.”

On the menu for PETA activist Sarah Jane: Raw meat, lamb kidney, “hagas.” (Courtesy PETA)

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