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Animal-Rights Violence 101 is not yet an accredited course at any of our nation’s universities, but that doesn’t stop convicted Animal Liberation Front (ALF) arsonist Rodney Coronado from playing the role of terror professor. Coronado, who spent 57 months in prison for burning down a research lab at Michigan State University (MSU), travels from campus to campus teaching tomorrow’s animal-rights terrorists everything from how to build bombs to why police cars “should burn.” Outside of ALF’s seedy underworld, this criminal lecturer doesn’t have many adoring fans — except for the animal liberationists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA’s youth outreach manager Karin Robertson gives Coronado’s traveling pep talks to campus radicals a ringing endorsement — in MSU’s very own State News, of all places:

“If Rod Coronado can speak and encourage people, that’s really a good thing. We don’t condemn anybody’s activities.”

Frighteningly, PETA puts its money where its mouth is. The group not only approves of Coronado’s terrorism lecture circuit, but also contributed tens of thousands of dollars in legal defense fees after his arrest for the MSU arson. And Coronado has no qualms about the millions of dollars in damage he caused to Michigan State’s research facility: “I have absolutely no regrets, and I hope the same thing continues to happen at MSU and every other college campus that does animal research.”

Coronado doesn’t just hope for more destruction, he is actively encouraging college students to commit illegal acts in the name of animal-rights. As the Center for Consumer Freedom told State News: “He sees his role as educating the next generation of violent thugs.”

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