We Don’t Need No (PETA) Education

Pop Quiz: “The Center for Consumer Freedom (A) supports PETA’s ultimate goal but not its methods, (B) claims PETA is a radical organization trying to brainwash kids, (C) picketed PETA’s headquarters dressed as steaks and burgers.” Needless to say, the correct answer is “B” for that multiple-choice question, which accompanied an article run by Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication seen by countless students across the nation.

The Current Events article on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ “Your Mommy Kills Animals” campaign includes the understatement of the century: “The group is enormously controversial because of its extreme positions and tactics.” Here they may be referring to PETA’s financial support of an arsonist and an FBI-designated domestic terror organization, as well as the call from a top PETA leader to burn down restaurants and banks. Current Events also prominently features our report on the group’s ongoing efforts to target children with inappropriate messages — including its outrageous warning to Orlando schoolchildren last month that eating meat would lead to food poisoning and obesity.

After mentioning PETA’s campaigns “in cities around the country last winter,” Current Events describes our efforts right up front:

In a report titled “Your Kids: PETA’s Pawns,” CCF asserts that the animal-rights group will stop at nothing to “indoctrinate children with its radical philosophy.” CCF claims that PETA, through its kid-friendly Web sites and campaigns, beguiles children into renouncing all animal products, including food and clothing made from animals.

“PETA … actively recruits kids into a cult of radical activism,” the report states. It goes on to allege that PETA–known for its extremist tactics–supports animal-rights groups that are willing to break the law or commit terrorist acts in the name of animal welfare.

To learn more about how PETA targets children, click here to see our full report. Then click here and add your name to our petition asking the IRS commissioner to revoke the radical group’s tax-exempt status.

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