Chicken Lady: Holocaust Is For The Birds

After she publicly minimized the horrific deaths of Americans who perished on 9-11, we thought United Poultry Concerns president Karen Davis had gone off the rails. In a December 2001 open letter, Davis wrote that the 9-11 terrorist attack “reduced the amount of pain and suffering in the world” because “the majority, if not every single one, of the people who suffered and/or died as a result of the September 11 attack ate, and if they are now alive continue to eat, chickens.” And a year later, while the Washington, DC region was gripped by fear in the wake of over a dozen terrorist sniper shootings, Davis and her animal rights cohorts held a vigil to mourn the death of chickens. But now, in her latest “scholarly” writing, Davis targets Jewish casualties of the Nazi Holocaust for her latest round of insults.

As serious scholars and world leaders prepare to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Karen Davis is claiming — in a new article titled “A Tale of Two Holocausts” — that the Holocaust is “an appropriate metaphor [for] the oppression of nonhuman animals.” Along the way she refers to chicken-catching as a “terror attack” and accuses Jews of having “unjustly appropriated” the term “Holocaust” from animals. The word holocaust, she points out, originally referred to ritual animal sacrifices in ancient times. But describing animals raised today for food, Davis writes that Jews “are robbing them of their original experience of suffering.” [italics in the original]

Davis admits that “many Jewish people have expressed indignation over comparisons that are being made” by animal rights activists between Nazi victims and livestock — especially in tasteless displays like the garish “Holocaust on Your Plate” exhibit promoted last year by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Nevertheless, she lets fly with the following startling statements in support of her meat-eaters-are-like-Nazis thesis:

“It is reasonable to assume that animals imprisoned within confinement systems suffer even more, in certain respects, than do humans who are similarly confined.”

“The word holocaust is not species-specific, and therefore Jews have no ownership rights over it.”

“There is no evidence, either, that human suffering, or Jewish suffering, is separate from all other suffering, or that it needs to be kept separate and superior in order to maintain its identity.”

At a time when the animal rights movement, led by PETA, is intent on dismantling the tradition of kosher slaughter and imposing vegetarianism on Christians, Davis’s direct frontal assault on Jewish history shouldn’t surprise anyone.

What may raise an eyebrow or two is where her diatribe appears. Davis’s article appears in the “Animal Liberation Philosophy and Policy Journal,” a startup online rag published by University of Texas-El Paso professor Steven Best, an avowed supporter of the domestic-terrorist and arson-happy Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

Along with long-time Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine spokesperson Jerry Vlasak, Best recently formed a new “press office” to communicate gloating but anonymous claims of “responsibility” following ALF crimes. (Click here to read profiles of Best, Vlasak, and their other terrorist-sympathizing colleagues.)

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