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Fluffgate 2006

Be careful what you ask for. That is the lesson Massachusetts legislator Jarrett Barrios should have learned in the wake of “Fluffgate.” The lesson comes after Barrios suggested banning Fluffernutter sandwiches in Massachusetts’s schools when his son mentioned having one for lunch.

An article in today’s Christian Science Monitor describes the result:

[T]he media whipped the dispute into whitecaps, and Barrios found himself mired in a controversy that pun-happy pundits couldn’t resist calling sticky … The result: Fluffgate — an end-of-school snit made from equal parts Cambridge liberal paternalism, local pride over a homegrown product, and garish politics — deflated like a marshmallow in the noontime sun.

Barrios’ bill, which won praise from some food cops, did more than deflate his popularity with Massachusetts voters. An “angry sounding” representative from the Massachusetts State House told the Monitor:

“I think in many ways [Barrios’s bill] diminished the importance of the subject matter. There are a lot worse things out there than … I try not to even say the word. I call it the ‘F word.'”

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