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Food Cops Have A Quota To Make

As more and more consumers voice their desire for trans fat-free foods, America’s food producers and restaurants are responding en masse with menus full of redesigned offerings. KFC made waves with its trans fat-free oil announcement in October, and a December announcement declared the same for Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Even Starbucks has joined the crowd. While American businesses are profiting by supplying more of what consumers are demanding, the wolves over at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) are looking to gain from picking off companies that aren’t sticking close enough to the herd. CSPI has already scored a pile of publicity off of its lawsuit hassling KFC. (When the chain announced its oil change, years in the making — trans fat-free soybeans don’t grow overnight, after all — CSPI declared victory and dropped the suit, sort of.) But Brand Week this morning indicates that CSPI is “thinking about suing [Burger King], much like it did to Kentucky Fried Chicken last year, if the fast-feeder doesn’t jump on the ‘no trans fat’ bandwagon.” Of course, it’s not like Burger King isn’t headed that way anyway. As a leading industry expert told Brand Week, not switching “will hurt [McDonald’s and Burger King]. It won’t be acceptable. The train has left the station. It can’t possibly help them to wait for legislation to take place.” No wonder the food cops are toying with a lawsuit: If it doesn’t get filed, Burger King will change its foods anyway — and CSPI won’t get the credit.

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