Pam Anderson: Wedded To PETA, Divorced From Reality

We’re willing to grant that “actress” Pamela Anderson isn’t famous because of her penetrating intellect or stunning powers of observation. But Pammy’s latest public defiance of the basic rules of logic indicates that the former Baywatch star suffers from a form of stupidity that’s truly unique, even in the world of celebrities.
Over the weekend, Anderson — a publicity-starved lapdog for the animal rights goons at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animalsgot married. Again. In the ensuing media feeding frenzy, it’s come to light that the menu at her post-ceremony dinner offered a number of entrees clearly verboten by animal-rights dogma, including pigs in a blanket, tuna tacos, and lobster.
Hypocrisy is nothing new to Anderson. As we’ve reported before, the hair dye, breast implants, and collagen injections required for her phonied-up figure have all been tested on animals. She has appeared on behalf of a medical association that supports scientific research using animals. And she’s invested in a Hollywood restaurant that serves carnivore-friendly fare like lamb chops and ham-hock ravioli. So it should come as no surprise she was willing to chuck her vaunted “principles” for the sake of a party.

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