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Quote of the Week (And Why We Love Drew Carey)

If only there were a few more Drew Careys in this world. He drinks beer. He’s from the Polish-sausage suburbs of Cleveland. He defends bacon. And he hosts the Price is Right—what’s not to like about that!
Then we saw this on the Wall Street Journal Online this week, and our heads almost exploded:
“Nothing’s too silly to be banned. Guess what can happen if you sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs in L.A. without expensive government-approved equipment? …
"But is New York City the new California? Let’s see, smoking ban? Check. Trans-fat ban? Check. Bans on aluminum bats? Check. Bans on straddling a bike wearing inline skates or drinking coffee on a subway? Check, check, and check…
"Politicians just don’t know when to say when. Outdoor grilling is banned in some places—and would you believe some cities have tried to ban fast food restaurants from opening?
"When did so many of us turn into ban-happy busybodies? Imagine if we outlawed everything that offends someone–would you want to live in that country?”
No, Drew. We sure wouldn’t.
Click here to watch the whole video.

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