PETA’s Newest Finger Lickin’ Phony

Here’s a thinker: You’re Sophie Monk, an Australian starlet who posed naked in a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals “vegetarian” ad 10 months ago, telling the world that eating fried chicken from fast-food restaurants “can not be good for you.” What do you do on your day off in Hollywood, with the paparazzi watching your every move?
You eat take-out chicken from KFC, of course.
All the big newspapers Down Under are buzzing about their native daughter Sophie’s apparent love for the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices (a big PETA no-no), first discovered yesterday by a U.S. gossip blog.
The Daily Telegraph calls her a “Finger Lickin’ Fake.” The Herald Sun says she’s “two-faced.” And The Australian is hosting a PETA video in which Monk claims to have “gone vegetarian when I was about 18.” Oops.
Color us shocked—shocked—that PETA would stomach this sort of hypocrisy. We thought the group learned its lesson after Pam Anderson served meat at her last wedding reception and bought a partnership in a restaurant that serves lamb chops and foie gras. Or when its own institutional habit of needlessly killing thousands of dogs and cats saw the light of day.
It looks like PETA’s anointed celebrities get to play by their own rules: vegetarian while the ad campaign is running, and omnivorous (like the rest of us) as soon as real life kicks back in. Remember that the next time an animal rights group pushes someone famous into the spotlight who claims to be “veg.”

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