Ringing Out 2008: A Look Back

As we prepare to chronicle (and resist) a 2009 full of assaults on our food freedoms, we’re also reflecting on the year that’s drawing to a close. Here are some of the stories that made 2008 “The Year of the Food Activist”:

Michael Pollan sneered at practically everything you cook
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s snacking habits were a bit cheesy
The New York Times completely botched the science of seafood
Mississippi legislators thought some people were too fat to eat
The Humane Society of the United States lied, and animals died
Fat nut MeMe Roth boycotted Girl Scout cookies (again)
Organic food worshipers misled the public about milk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals renewed its big-bad-wolf routine with your children
The Big Apple officially put guilt on the menu
Obesity warrior David Ludwig went off the deep end
Trial lawyers leveraged mandatory menu-labeling for a lawsuit cash grab
California’s warning-label culture prepared to attack coffee
HSUS and PETA jockeyed for Leona Helmsley’s billions
The phony animal-rights “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” attacked the late Tony Snow
PETA showed its interns aren’t very good at math, or showering
Center for Science in the Public Interest food scold Michael Jacobson didn’t fare well in a head-to-head matchup with Olympian Michael Phelps
Anti-seafood activists officially began hurting poor children
Consumer Reports continued its idiotic love affair with an all-organic world
Activists pegging vegetarianism to climate change took a few well-deserved hits
Greenpeace proved that it can’t read a fishery report
HSUS ensured that most of California’s eggs will soon come from south of the border
Britain’s Prince Charles left us wondering exactly what’s between those enormous ears

Are we ready for a new onslaught of lunacy in 2009? You bet.
Stick with us as we bring you the best of the worst in food activism. And here’s hoping you have a joyous (and freedom-filled) new year!

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