PETA Turns Elementary School Into Circus

We don’t really believe in coincidence when it comes to animal-rights stunts. So it truly comes as no surprise that PETA would stoop to harassing children at school about an upcoming trip to the circus just days before the Ringling Bros. elephants trial goes to closing arguments.
When Fulton Elementary School principal Regina Armstrong-Robinson found out her Hempstead, NY school would be the target of an unauthorized protest, she reacted as anyone who works with children would: She went into lockdown mode.
"We didn’t know who was coming, how many of them were coming and we didn’t know whether the protest would be vocal or not," Armstrong-Robinson said.
Administrators locked down the school, which houses students in first through fifth grades. And the district sent over four extra security guards to supplement the two who were in the building.
Overkill? Hardly.
Students in the neighborhood school range in age from 6 through 11. And, in October, state troopers had presented a safety program for the children, most of whom walk home after school.
The message: Stay away, and take nothing from strangers.
"They [troopers] had a character in costume handing out safety materials to the children," Armstrong-Robinson said. "And now another costumed character, that nobody was expecting, is supposed to be handing out materials to young children, and nobody knows who it is or what the material is?"

This disgraceful behavior is, unfortunately, nothing new for PETA. As we detailed in our report “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns,” forcing its radical propaganda on schoolchildren is just part of the animal rights movement’s modus operandi.
Reasonable people see why children should not be exploited to make an ideological point. Not to mention that it’s hardly appropriate to tell kids Dumbo is better off dead than living in captivity. But that willful ignorance is also unsurprising given PETA’s tendencies, which include prioritizing lab rats over pediatric AIDS research.
It’s time that the bearded ladies at PETA stop scaring kids with P.R. acrobatics and pick on someone their own size. We’ll gladly throw our hat into the ring.

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