WARNING: Animal Rights Activism May Result in Frivolous Lawsuits

As if money-hungry trial lawyers and the Center for Science in the Public Interest weren’t enough. This morning, the phony Cancer Project filed a lawsuit asking the court to require a cancer-risk warning label on all hot dog packages sold in New Jersey. There’s no beef to its cancer claims, of course, as the Associated Press and other media outlets pointed out during last year’s hot dog scare campaign. But just in case, we’re offering reporters a little reminder today.
As we’re telling the media, the Cancer Project is a deceptive spinoff of the woefully misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – a group that is 96 percent free of actual doctors. And together they’re phonier than a tofu dog. 
From its creepy commercials to last year’s tasteless attempt to capitalize on the death of a former White House Press Secretary, PCRM and the Cancer Project will stop at nothing to scare Americans into a PETA-approved diet. Even if it means using our legal system as a tool for its fringe goals – and wasting taxpayers’ money in the process.

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