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“It’s Not Cookie Monster’s Fault”

This morning, the ladies on The View discussed Cookie Monster’s complete 180 regarding his dietary habits. Instead of cookies, for the past three years the beloved Sesame Street puppet has been gorging on apple slices and carrot sticks.
As you can see in this clip, co-host Whoopi Goldberg makes the very sane point that children don’t actually raid the cookie jar to imitate their favorite character:

It’s ridiculous. No little child who is supervised under their parents goes into the cookie thing and goes [makes eating sounds]. Not if they’re being supervised. It’s not Cookie Monster’s fault! … I got three grandkids who grew up with Cookie Monster. Not one of them, not one of them was affected by the way this puppet was eating.

With nutrition activists banning cupcakes, cola, and cocoa from schools, it was only a matter of time before Cookie Monster was brainwashed too.
Kids are going to be kids, and the occasional sweet treat does no harm. (Not getting enough exercise, on the other hand, is another story.) Moderation holds true for adults, too, as we told Fox and Friends on Saturday. Children love Cookie Monster not because he gives them sound health advice, but because his love affair with cookies is funny.
Too bad not everyone gets the joke

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