One Step Closer to a PETA White House

Yesterday, the Senate voted 63-35 to invoke cloture on the nomination of animal rights activist Cass Sunstein to be the nation’s new “regulatory czar,” which means the Senate can proceed with a vote to confirm him. The vote will likely occur before the end of the night. Obviously troubling is Sunstein’s apparent devotion to Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation (and the philosopher whom radical PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk calls her life’s inspiration). Singer is infamous for his belief that it’s permissible to kill newborn children since they’re supposedly no more special than a dog.
On the Fox News Channel yesterday, CCF’s Director of Research sat down with Glenn Beck for a chat about Sunstein’s philosophy and what it could mean for America’s food producers—and everyone else whose work judiciously uses animals. Building off of last week’s discussion with Beck about how Sunstein could abuse the Endangered Species Act to put cattlemen out of business, we told Beck’s audience of millions how Sunstein can write his animal rights philosophy into law:

Sunstein is very careful and will go about his transformation in a methodical and subtle way. He is likely, I think, to use the USDA to take meat and dairy products out of school lunches and is likely to use the Department of Interior to stop hunting and fishing on federal land and will use the USDA to make it difficult to use animals as lab rats for curing cancer and AIDS. That’s a huge problem.

Watch the whole segment here.

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