Warning: Propagating Bogus Scares May Be Bad for Everyone

The Food and Drug Administration gave notice last month that it is looking to update the “Nutrition Facts” label that appears on packaged foods. The FDA’s aim is presumably to make the labels easier to read and more informative. But unhelpfully, the self-anointed food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have chimed in with their own suggestions about how the FDA can change the labels. Yes, this is the very same CSPI that recently went spasmodic upon learning that buttered movie popcorn isn’t a health food, and that has been trying to get the government to tax soft drinks (using dubious claims that we have thoroughly debunked).
We hope the FDA won’t be influenced by a group of panic-stricken killjoys with a history of shameless scaremongering and reneging on its own recommendations. But just in case, we have our own mandatory food label: a warning label, for CSPI itself. We can always hope.

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