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UPDATE: Facebook Nudges Milk Off Its ‘Naughty’ List

Somehow, we knew it would end well. After MSNBC expressed interest in our press release today and the the Associated Press placed an inquiry, the social networking company Facebook has finally answered our concerns about its its Guidelines, which prohibit the promotion and prize-awarding of dairy foods. This afternoon Facebook sent us the following statement:

We’re all big fans of strong bones at Facebook and we will soon revise our promotions guidelines to lift the complete ban on dairy and simply prohibit giving dairy away as a prize.
The rules, which govern the publicizing or administering of sweepstakes, contests, competitions or similar offerings on our platform, initially banned dairy promotions due to individual state laws that impose penalties for distributing dairy at a discounted rate.  We’re sorry for the confusion.

Click here to read the AP story. We’re not convinced that any U.S. state actually prohibits giving away milk or cheese as a prize. "Free" isn’t the same thing as a discount, after all. If it were, soup kitchens in those states would be breaking the law every time they buttered someone’s roll or served ice cream for dessert.
It would be nice if Facebook were universally dairy-friendly. But still, this is a step in the right direction. As a "thank you," from the Center for Consumer Freedom, Facebook’s executive suite will be getting a basket of cheese first thing Monday morning. If you’d like to help us foot the bill, we’d welcome your support.

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