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Another Week, Another Fad Celebrity Diet

Whether it’s pushy vegans or organic snobs, it seems like Hollywood’s C-list always has an opinion about the best ways for us mere mortals to lose weight. The latest newcomer to the scene is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. In her newest effort to get healthy, she’s signed a lucrative deal to promote the Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet, which recommends followers eat six cookies a day and a sensible dinner. It’s not much of a diet, but then again, Snooki isn’t much of a celebrity.

Regardless, she doesn’t seem to grasp the obvious solution to her weight woes. When asked about her weight gain, Snooki says she wishes she could return to her glory days as a high-school cheerleader and gymnast:

"When I was in high school senior year, I was ripped up," said Snooki, 22. "I was a cheerleader and gymnast. I had the abs and I had the legs. I want to be back to 100 pounds. So I'm looking to shed 10 pounds."

The answer is right in front of her: When she was in the best shape of her life, she was getting regular exercise. Not eating diet cookies instead of meals.

Dozens of studies have emphasized the importance of physical activity not just for weight loss but for overall health as well. But since food-only approaches to weight control have a longer shelf life than reality television stars, dieting myths will live on for as long as press- and cash-hungry celebs agree to perpetuate these increasingly bizarre weight-loss methods. And people will continue to ignore the only tried and true method of losing weight: moderation.

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