The “Ick” Factor and the Myth of “All-Natural”

Many so-called “green” and “natural” foods and packaging are just “a marketing gimmick,” our senior analyst told Fox and Friends this morning in a segment titled “Green or Gross?” Reusable plastic bags, cage-free and pasture-raised eggs, organic vegetables, agave nectar, “raw” milk — these products enjoy an environmental or better-health “halo” that’s unjustified, he said.

A few highlights:

Did you know agave nectar contains “significantly more fructose than high fructose corn syrup?”  (In the end, of course, “a sugar is a sugar.”)

“Raw” (unpasteurized) milk is a new favorite of “hipster food-trendy people,” but “you’re 51 times more likely to get bacterial contamination” by drinking this moo-juice.

Those reusable plastic bags can be a decidedly unhealthy source of heavy metals and bacterial contamination. “People don’t wash these bags … you put that dripping chicken breast into your bag, and then you toss in that red pepper … It’s a recipe for creating contamination.”

Free-range eggs? “An egg laid out in the middle of a pasture — at least a chicken that’s pecking on worms and all that —it turns out the studies suggest over and over again [that] those are going to have a higher quantity of bacteria in them.”

And organic veggies? “A study that came out of the UK’s version of the EPA said there’s absolutely no nutritional difference between organics and conventional.” And all the untreated, unsterilized manure used to grow that health-haloed produce is “the ‘ick’ in organic.”

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