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Protect Yourself This Thanksgiving with the CCF Obesity Liability Waiver

While the rest of us dig into a gravy-soaked feast this Thanksgiving, the nation’s food cops and animal-rights nuts will be hard at work making the holiday less cheerful for those of us who dare to feast in spite of self-appointed and government-appointed dietary minders. And with trial lawyers swirling around food issues again, dinner hosts need protection from the food police.

At CCF we are happy to provide that protection with our Thanksgiving Obesity Liability Waiver. With a signature on this document, you can be protected from the litigious instincts of annoying uncles who decide that they feel a bit overfull and need bus fare, no matter the greed of their representation. If Mike Bloomberg is at your table, he won’t be able to say he wasn’t fully aware that your chosen beverages might provide calories. And should New York Times columnists in denial about their so-called food movement’s failure to move go after you for not putting a skull and crossbones on the cheesy potatoes, we’ve got you covered too.

So make sure your guests sign off on the Thanksgiving Obesity Liability Waiver before digging in. You don’t want them to get “hooked” on legal harassment.

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