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Greenpeace Co-Founder Says Anti-GIF Activists Kill Kids

Hungry ChildrenWe’ve extensively detailed how the scientific community is united in its support for genetically improved foods (GIFs), which are capable of reducing world hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Even some well-known environmentalists like Mark Lynas and recanted Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore have come out in favor of GIFs, with the latter saying that anti-GIF activists like Greenpeace “commit genocide” because opposition to GIFs results in the deaths of millions worldwide.

Moore asks the question that we’ve been asking: How do these activists “abandon up to 500,000 children who go blind every year in the developing world from Vitamin-A deficiency” when GIFs like Golden Rice – genetically  improved rice infused with Vitamin A – could prevent such suffering? His question is primarily rhetorical as he mocks activists’ shopworn justification of “as-yet unknown, unspecified risks to human health, the environment and organic farming.”

He explains why these activists’ labeling demands are dangerous:

Growth in the GMO [“genetically modified organism”] sector is severely limited under a labeling regime, so much so that fewer and fewer corporations will develop new GMO crops, thus guaranteeing that this still untapped field of science never becomes fully accepted by the masses. Existing GMO crops will continue to either be highly restricted as in Europe, or labeled like a package of cigarettes here in America, while a new crop like Golden Rice is just best left on the back burner while every possible angle on its side-effects is studied to death… literally!

But at the end of the day, he reveals, big green activists are dependent on GIF scaremongering in order to continue to scare up donations and justify their existence: “They’re quite content to continue to ‘co-exist’ right alongside their avowed arch nemesis because it provides a vital element to their continued existence as activists.”

“When warlords and organic-munching environmentalists,” he concludes, “conspire to commit genocide in far off lands, at least the warlords don’t pretend it’s for the good of the planet.”

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