Vermont Stands with Putin on GIFs

GMO Protesters AdVermont politicians caved to activist pressure this week as the legislature passed a law requiring warning labels on genetically improved foods (GIFs). In so doing, Vermont joins a motley crew— including Russian despot Vladimir Putin, former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad—who deny the overwhelming evidence that GIFs are safe and beneficial.

So-called “GMO labeling” initiatives have taken hold in states across the country, in defiance of voluminous research from scientific bodies. The American Medical Association has ruled that GMO labels have “no scientific justification,” while the American Association for the Advancement of Science declares the labels could “mislead and falsely alarm consumers.”

Despite scientific consensus the contrary, food activists continue to claim that research shows GIFs are unsafe. One oft-touted anti-GIF study was recently retracted by the journal in which it was published, as we’ve recently told readers of The Blaze:

And now, following all of that, the journal that published the study has taken the extraordinarily rare step of retracting it altogether. That puts the genetically-improved-foods-are-dangerous activists in the same discredited camp of the vaccines-cause-autism nuts and cellphones-cause-cancer data-fudgers.

About 20 states are considering GMO labeling initiatives, but Vermont’s bill is unique in that it does not contain a “trigger provision” requiring action before the law takes effect. With GIFs providing hope in the fight against worldwide malnutrition and starvation, it is shameful that lawmakers in Vermont and elsewhere are bowing to activist demands to baselessly stigmatize these life-saving technologies.

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