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Hypocritical “Watchdog” Really sCREWed Up   

CCF_FacepalmIt’s no secret that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) tends to lean to the political left—a point we’ve long made at our project After all, the nonprofit group has been run by former top Democratic aide to the House Judiciary Committee Melanie Sloan and funded by the secretive left-wing money machine called the Democracy Alliance.

So it was surprising when, back in 2010, CREW—an ostensibly “progressive” group—defended the for-profit college industry. CREW fought back against the Obama administration’s efforts to regulate for-profit colleges, when one might have reasonably expected that CREW would be taking up arms and joining the Democratic crusade instead.

Reporters—most notably the left-wing American Prospect’s Mike Elk—began asking questions. We got suspicious. And now we can connect the dots.

We followed the money trail, and the evidence strongly suggests that CREW was receiving funding from the for-profit college industry. The findings, detailed in our new report, “Bad Education,” take a closer look at CREW’s public tax documents, which seem to link CREW with the owners of the for-profit college University of Phoenix. This would certainly account for CREW’s uncharacteristic opposition to Obama’s proposed reforms: The regulations were not in the best interest of the University of Phoenix, and thus not in the best interest of the school’s donation beneficiaries.

Unfortunately for the so-called watchdog, we’re watching too. And evidently, CREW needs to be schooled on the transparency it purports to uphold

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