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Looney Tunes Presents: Food Babe

Apple OrangeThe self-proclaimed nutritional watchdog, “Food Babe,” has a track record of baselessly vilifying some of America’s favorite indulgences. The scientifically illiterate crackpot blogger has bashed bread, beer, and now the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The “Jenny McCarthy of Food’s” attack on your morning pick-me-up features the usual fear-mongering rhetoric that is the unfortunate trademark of Food Babe’s smear campaigns. It’s similar word salad that leads the Food Babe to join in the conspiracy-mongering of the extraordinarily dangerous anti-vaccine movement.

Luckily, it looks like shrewd observers are finally starting to catch on to Food Babe’s hyperbolic antics. Even her local newspaper (the Charlotte News and Observerraised concerns with the legitimacy of her quacktivism. The story highlights many of the objections we’ve voiced in the past (like the ones here and here) and aptly explains:

But in interviews with food-policy advocates and academics, she is criticized for sensationalized and overblown claims. Other activists say she takes more credit than she deserves. And in some cases, The Charlotte Observer found evidence of errors and inconsistencies.

The Food Babe makes a living trading on scare tactics that promulgate misinformation campaigns. Her looney-tune theories ultimately lead the newspaper to question whether Food Babe espouses “Science or silliness.”

The answer? Silliness. And lots of it. Nobody should accept the advice of someone that thinks water molecules get sad when you call them mean names.

Ridiculousness aside the Food Babe will happily sell you more dietary snake oil if that’s what you’re into. Her“Eating Guide” sells for a whopping $119.88 per “membership.” We say thanks, but no thanks” The cash-money motivations for hysterical, scientifically illiterate activism couldn’t be on clearer display.

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