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PETA Fights for its Right … to Kill Animals

PETA-worker-takes-MayaEven while under fire for stealing and killing a 9-year-old’s pet Chihuahua named Maya, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals fought for its right to continue killing animals at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters where it euthanized 88% of the dogs and cats that came through its doors in 2014.

A bill subsequently introduced in the Virginia General Assembly attempts to put an end to PETA’s ability to kill pets by changing the definition of what a “private animal shelter” is. PETA pulled out all of the stops to fight the legislation and ensure it could go on killing the vast majority of animals it takes in. The group hired a high-powered lobbyist and even put out an annoying robo-call asking people to contact their legislators and oppose the legislation.

Has PETA ever tried so hard for anything?

It was all for naught. “Do what you want about this bill — if you want to shut PETA down, take a crack at it by voting yes,” PETA’s lobbyist wrote in an email to members of the Virginia House of Delegates. 95 voted “yes.” Only 2 voted against.

The Washington Post reported:

Supporters say the bill clarifies the law — but makes it harder for organizations such as PETA to euthanize animals without first trying to find them homes.

In 2014, according to state reports, PETA took in 2,631 cats and dogs. All but 307 were euthanized.

“It’s just impossible to consider that they are making an attempt to adopt out animals with that failure record,” said Debra Griggs of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies. The proposal codifies what “all shelters in Virginia are already doing — except for PETA.”

…Critics question whether PETA, despite a radical, pro-animal outlook that encourages veganism and abhors zoos, cares about pets at all.

“They make no effort to get them adopted, and they are wild now at the suggestion that maybe they should even try,” Robin Starr, chief executive of the Richmond SPCA, wrote in a blog post. “They want no impediment to their killing. . . . PETA is a huge, rich, mean bully.”

More than 33,000 animals have died at the hands of PETA since 1998 so while requiring PETA to make an effort to find forever homes for the animals it takes in may merely slow down the slaughter, its fight against SB 1381 shows the organization will do whatever it takes to go on killing animals.

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