From the Chubby Truth to Poo-Ritos, Chipotle Faces Questions

In the weeks since we began our campaign to counter the deceptive advertising of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chipotle has spent a great deal of time squeezing hard to figure out what to do. In addition to our campaigns, Chipotle has been hit by four outbreaks of food poisoning this year—including one of E. coli (bacteria that live in animal digestive systems and poo) that had gone previously unreported in July. So, in keeping with our mission to call out Chipotle’s deceptive “healthy” advertising, we warned consumers that they might be consuming more than metaphorical bovine excrement with their “poo-rito” bowls:

poo rito


Chipotle has tried to serve up deception with its food for a long time. From a supply chain shared with other mega-fast-food brands like McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A, ingredients with higher levels of hormones than the conventionally raised beef Chipotle denounces, GMO soda despite its scientifically illiterate anti-GMO campaigns, flip-flopping on the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and health-washing marketing that makes the chain’s 1,500 Calorie burritos look like a “diet” choice, deception is a key part of Chipotle’s marketing and branding.

But our warnings about how “Chipotle Healthy” really means “Chubby Chipotle” are getting out: In recent weeks, the Oregonian, LA Weekly, Reuters, and have all taken notice of our criticism of Chipotle.

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