Is Meat the Next “Sin” We’ll Be Asked to Atone For?

If you’re wondering what the next front of the radical anti-consumer brigade will be, it’s likely going to be a meat tax. The idea has support among animal rights activists (who want to ban meat-eating) and environmentalists (who believe animal agriculture causes global warming)—two large, noisy, and nagging constituencies.

The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return, a UK-based activist group, recently pushed out a report that audaciously claims meat causes more greenhouse gas emission than the transport sector, antibiotic resistance, food and water insecurity, and deforestation.

While all of these claims can be easily debunked, the reliance on “sin” taxes as a means of public policy is becoming a go-to strategy for the anti-consumer crowd. Whether it’s increasing taxes on alcohol, sodas, or bacon, the idea of punishing consumers over a product’s perceived immorality is abhorrent to those who believe grown adults can make decisions for themselves.

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