Ad: Taking on Animal Extremists Behind California Fur Ban

Today we published a full-page ad in Sacramento Bee to raise awareness of the animal extremists who have been working to ban the sale of fur across California—starting with Los Angeles and San Francisco before now moving to a statewide ban. It’s about more than just fur coats—anti-fur activists such as PETA ultimately want to ban leather, wool, silk, and other animal products. They want to impose a vegan lifestyle on others.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Animal Hope in Legislation, is run by a fellow named Marc Ching. Ching spent nearly a decade in prison for kidnapping, according to court records. Post-prison Ching started an animal rescue organization that was the subject of a shocking exposé for its conduct in Asia. Ching’s operation allegedly left hundreds of dogs to die in the hands of Buddhist sanctuaries that did not believe sick animals should be treated. According to a volunteer who went on the rescue attempt, it was a disaster from the beginning.

Also mentioned in the ad is PETA, one of the oldest and most abrasive animal rights activists groups. Given its history of animal extremist funding, it’s no surprise that PETA would support a measure that is part of the slippery slope to banning leather, wool, cotton, and other animal fibers.

The bill is also supported by Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a global animal activist network with the goal of eliminating all animal-based products by 2055. The organization is led by Wayne Hsiung, who currently faces criminal charges in 3 states. The organization is best known for harassing people in restaurants and supermarkets.

It’s terrifying to think that the activists who break the law or harbor extreme agendas now have the ear of those in charge of making decisions of the largest state by population. You can push back against their radical views by signing our petition.

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