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Study: Vegan Diet Won’t Stop Global Warming

Anti-meat groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (not affiliated with your local pet shelter) claim that people need to go vegan to save the planet. But a new study says there’s no need to ban the bacon.

Lund University researchers have found that switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet is minimal in comparison to other methods of reducing carbon footprint.

The data shows that in certain cases developing other eco-friendly habit in many cases can be more effective in shrinking your carbon footprint than switching to the “rabbit food” diet.

A more effective way to help the environment might be supporting your local restaurants, as the researchers say eating local can cut 360kg of carbon emissions. (Though, eating local may be overrated.) Other suggestions that that are more effective include are driving a newer car even wasting less food.

The whole idea of eating meat being detrimental for the environment comes from a decade-old UN study that incorrectly measured and represented the effect of agriculture farming in regards to environmental impact. This study has had to be corrected several times and still may not be a completely accurate representation.

In reality, livestock farming only counts for somewhere around 3% of total emissions for the country, according to the EPA. In addition, farmers haven taken great strides over the years to reduce resource waste and create better farming technology.Sounds like a recipe for a guilt-free burger.

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