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Animal Activists Fight to Harm the Environment

The Humane League has decided to take an old PETA tactic up a few notches. One of PETA’s schemes is to buy stock in companies for the sole purpose of hijacking shareholder meetings in order to insert the vegan agenda into corporate strategy (and get media attention).

The Humane League is using this strategy in an all-out blitz on McDonald’s. The campaign goes much further than simply buying stock and includes sending automated social media posts, emails to executives, harassing top shareholders and franchisees, and aggressive videos.

So why is The Humane League posing an attack on the maker of the Big Mac?

The animal liberation organization wants Mickey D’s to switch to chicken that certified by a small program–i.e., high-cost chicken that consumers will consume less of. The joke, of course, is that The Humane League will continue protesting McDonald’s so long as the chain serves any chicken, beef, dairy, or eggs.

Ironically, research has shown that making the switch would have dire environmental and economic implications.

If the switches The Humane League wants were made on a national level there would have to be an increase of over 4 billion chickens raised annually to meet consumer demand. This would create more manure and need more land, food, and water. The land alone would be three times the entire state of Maryland. Where exactly would anyone find that kind of real estate?

Changing the current farming practices would be a disaster for both the environment and the cost of food to consumers. The truth is, these concerns are the farthest things from the minds of the people at The Humane League. The group’s goal is to harass companies into making decisions that run contrary to their customers’ interests. So far, McDonald’s has held up over a year of harassment. Most likely, the shareholders will tell the activist to “cluck off,” too.

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