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What’s in Fake Milk?

Recently, we launched a campaign exposing what’s really in “fake meat” products. Veggie burgers have been around for decades, but recently some startups have launched new products and piqued consumer interest.

Here’s the rub: Consumers may believe these products are better for them, but our campaign lets them know that these products are generally highly processed. Some of the chemical ingredients in these products include tertiary butylhydroquinone and ferric orthophosphate—stuff consumers often want to avoid.

The same issues surround “fake milk” that is derived from soy, almonds, or other plants. One big brand of almond milk, for instance, has the following ingredients: Filtered water, almonds, and additives such as sunflower lecithin, gellan gum, and locust bean gum.

Here’s a question: How many almonds are actually in almond milk?

One reporter from Business Insider asked this very question a few years ago when there was a big drought in California. California is the top almond-producing state in the country, and almond production is quite water-intensive.

Interestingly, no one with a trade association or two major companies could or would tell the reporter how many almonds went into a half gallon of almond milk. The best he could find is that one brand of British almond milk contains 98% of non-almond ingredients and additives including water, some vitamins, and thickening agents.

On our side of the pond, one serving (1 cup) of both Almond Breeze and Silk almond milks each contain just 1 gram of protein – less than the amount you’d find in four almonds.

One can debate whether almond milk should be allowed to use the word “milk.” Another debate is whether it can use “almond.”

Whatever you want to call it, we’ll leave you with this humorous parody video about almond milk production.

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