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Ad: Take it From the Experts, Plant-Based Meat isn’t as Healthy as You Think

From playing down how processed their products are by comparing it to yogurt and apple pie to leaving out the amount of additives used, producers of fake meat have been dodging the facts.

In an attempt to educate the public and shine a light on the dirty details, the Center for Consumer Freedom ran an ad in The New York Times that highlights the opinions of experts. This new ad consists of quotes from health professionals giving their honest opinions of “plant-based meat”–and the results are not so positive.

These products don’t grow on vines, they’re made in factories.

At a time when 76% of Americans believe “plant-based” foods are healthy, CCF believes it is important to point out the difference between salads and ultra-processed fake meat products. Recently, the National Institutes of Health found ultra-processed foods cause weight gain.

The ad, which can be found here, is the latest addition in CCF’s campaign to raise awareness of what’s in “plant-based meat.” Additional information, such as blogs and an ingredient comparison tool, can be found at  CCF has also placed opinion pieces in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today this week on the issue of plant-based meat. For more information, or to see what’s lurking in some of the more popular plant based meat products go to

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