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Glass Found in Impossible Burger, Lawsuit Claims

Imitation meat uses a lot of industrial additives to try to mimic the mouthfeel and taste of natural meat. Titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, disodium inosinate, and copper sulfate can be found in various products. Australia even prohibited Impossible fake nuggets this spring because they contained a banned substance.

Now, a new lawsuit alleges one Virginia woman had broken glass in her Impossible Burger.

Filed in June, plaintiff Lille Mae Howard alleges she bought an Impossible Burger at a local Burger King and took it home. “After several bites of her burger, Plaintiff began to feel a searing pain in the back of her throat and a constricted choking sensation. As this feeling of distress became more severe, her daughter decided to take her to the emergency room, whereupon it was discovered that she had a large hematoma in her throat of unknown origin,” the suit alleges.

After being discharged from the hospital, Howard says she went home and examined her fake meat burger and discovered shards of glass in it. She then put it in the freezer to preserve as evidence.

“The facts and circumstances explaining how broken glass could come to fill a burger are unknown at this stage,” the suit claims.

Read the lawsuit here.

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