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Obesity Blacklisted

In case there were any doubts about the health culture’s commitment to an all-out anti-fat campaign, two recent strategic movements should put them to rest.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently added obesity to its list of major risk factors for disease, declaring it a “dangerous epidemic.”

In an amazing “coincidence,” the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dropped another fat bomb just a few days later. The NIH redefined its Body Mass Index to effectively make 33 million more American adults overweight. This brought the number of overweight adults in the U.S. to roughly 100 million, without anyone having to gain another ounce.

These pronouncements fed into the predictions of Janet Colwell, a columnist for the San Francisco Business Times, who said, “if a high-cholesterol, fat-laden diet with no redeeming nutritional value is an express ticket to the grave, Mc-Donald’s may one day find itself explaining its marketing strategy to the courts and an increasingly hostile public.”

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