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Life in the Fat Lane

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a piece written by Michael Fumento, author of The Fat of the Land. Fumento’s book and editorial piece sounds the fat alarm, claiming that medical costs associated with obesity have risen to more than $100 billion per year. Fumento also says the fat problem is getting bigger – 25% of the nation’s children are considered too pudgy.

He believes the hospitality industry is partially to blame for the flabby state of America, and blames restaurants for serving large portions. His advice: “We need to learn to sneer at that 24-ounce steak,” and count every calorie instead.

Fumento calls on government to spend more money to fight fat. We know too well what happens when government gets an open invitation to go into its “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” role – more regulations.

Can you imagine government regulation of menu selections or mandatory calorie contents by each menu item? This may sound unlikely, but the industry must pay attention when the Wall Street Journal devotes a half-page editorial to the public’s eating habits.

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