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Bustin’ the Food Cops

In a recent ABC 20/20 “ambush” of a popular steakhouse, the
food police got caught in their own sting operation. The dining
tables were turned on Jayne Hurley of the Center for Science
in the Public Interest as she tried to scare the public away
from appetizers. For once, ABC News didn’t buy it.

a decent meal or it can be a disaster. But the worst thing
you can buy at a steakhouse isn’t the steak, it’s the
ARNOLD DIAZ: (ABC News): Not the appetizers!
They’re so good. The appetizers are half the fun at these
places and sometimes half the meal. Most people say they
generally share these appetizers. Still, they know it’s
not exactly diet food. It’s a treat, a splurge.
JAYNE HURLEY: Skip the appetizers.
ARNOLD DIAZ: Skip the appetizers?
JAYNE HURLEY: Skip the appetizers.
ARNOLD DIAZ: That’s part of the treat of
going out… Sitting down to dinner with Jayne Hurley wasn’t
a whole lot of fun.

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