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Meat the Enemy

Meat the enemy Environmental activism is no longer about “paper or plastic.” It’s about meat. Specifically, it’s all about getting people to eat less of it. Environmental activists have joined forces with animal “rights” extremists and professional nannies to get Americans to cut meat consumption by a stated goal of 50 percent.

This new anti-meat alliance, which includes such noted groups as the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Natural Resources Defense Council, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, blames America’s meat producers for everything from the hole in the ozone layer to world hunger. Armed with buzzwords like “factory farms” they hope to convince consumers to eat less beef, pork, poultry – even shrimp – in order to help save the environment. Of course, they also want tough new federal regulations, increased taxes (including new “eco-taxes”), and warning labels to “help” consumers choose lentils over lamb chops.

They are organized, well-funded, and adept at manipulating the media. They are also generally unopposed.

According to the American Bar Association, “eco-taxes” include any taxes levied to discourage “environmentally disfavored activities.” The ABA has stated: “The reasoning is not necessarily economic, but political. It is easier to sell such a tax to the public if the average citizen understands that the money will be used to combat the problem the tax addresses.”

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