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The Next Assault on Meat

Linked by Internet, ideology and overlapping political agendas, animal-rights “crazies” now lock arms with environmental “zealots” and the fat-busting “food police” to keep meat off your menu. This broad new coalition is far more threatening to your business than yesterday’s local band of PETA protesters in cow suits picketing McDonald’s.

The militant Farm Animal Rights Movement candidly discusses its shift in tactics: “Civil disobedience at slaughterhouses, sit-ins at government offices and similar attention-getting devices have given way to national grass-roots education campaigns, massive media blitzes, and participation in government decision-making processes.”

“Nutritionists, environmentalists and animal rights activists all regularly take pot shots against this [meat] industry. In consequence, beef consumption per American has plunged steadily for the past twenty years,” claims vegetarian activist Erik Marcus.

“Meat consumption is just as dangerous to public health as tobacco use,” says Dr. Neal Barnard, president, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. “It’s time we looked at holding the meat producers and fast food outlets legally accountable.”

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