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How about ‘Truthless Tuesday’?

Next month the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) will unveil a national “Meatless Monday” campaign, which it says resulted from a partnership…
Posted November 4, 2002 at12:00 am

Working title: “Hogs, Heroin, and Hubris”

The New York Daily News reported on Friday that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is writing a book for Random House. The new volume will ostensibly “explore the health and…
Posted October 29, 2002 at12:00 am

Robert F. Kennedy goes “Pfiesterical”

You might say that the patient is dead, but the carcass just keeps kicking. Last week, three different teams of scientists raised serious doubts about claims that the microorganism…
Posted August 13, 2002 at12:00 am

SPECIAL REPORT: Pfiesteria scaremongers are all wet

In April 1999, Water Keeper Alliance founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote an anti-industrial farming screed for Newsweek called “I Don’t Like Green eggs and Ham.” Among his chief…
Posted August 7, 2002 at12:00 am

Pfiesteria hysteria (say it five times fast…)

The science world is abuzz with news that Pfiesteria piscicida [fiss-TEER-ee-uh piss-ki-SEED-uh], an organism blamed in recent years for massive fish kills on the East coast of the United…
Posted August 6, 2002 at12:00 am

Enviro-nannies gear up for Oklahoma food fight

In recent years, U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) has championed a federal program that provides money “to help farmers fund efforts to protect the environment against such effects as soil…
Posted August 27, 2001 at12:00 am

Myths About Modern Livestock Farming

In a Minneapolis Star-Tribune op-ed, Karin Winegar pines for the mythical good old days when farms were small, mad cows were unheard of, and meat tasted good. Speaking of modern…
Posted May 8, 2001 at12:00 am

The Folly Of Organic

Studies show that a worldwide "organic only" policy just won't work. The Scotsman notes, "Without high levels of fertilizer and pesticide use, the world cropping area of around 5.8 million square miles - equal to the land area of South America - would need to be three times larger to cope with increased food demands since the 1950s."
Posted December 5, 2000 at12:00 am

Forget Teaching The Three R’s

Chefs Collaborative's Alice Waters tells Bon Appetit magazine about the importance of spreading the Chef's locally grown, organic-only food manifesto to children. "It's more important than reading, writing, and arithmetic." Waters wants schools to follow the Chefs' beliefs in shaping school lunch programs, and is hoping that a Chefs Collaborative-like lunch program will be adopted nationwide. ("Cooks in Bloom," Bon Appetit, December 2000)
Posted November 20, 2000 at12:00 am

Chefs Not True To Their Word

Chefs Collaborative members like Alice Waters and Rick Bayless say that you should only use fresh, preferably organically grown produce harvested by local farmers. Yet, as the Wall Street Journal’s…
Posted September 22, 2000 at12:00 am