Mad Cow Disease (page2)

CDC Undermines Mad Cow Hysterics

One notable remnant of mad-cow hysteria is on its way out the door. A homespun activist claiming that a so-called “cluster” of 17 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) cases was…
Posted May 10, 2004 at12:00 am

Mad Cow Four Months Later

It’s been over four months since a single cow in the United States was diagnosed with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease. Despite the best efforts of…
Posted May 4, 2004 at12:00 am

The Spider At The Center Of The Mad-Cow Web

While Luddite intellectual guru Jeremy Rifkin has stayed on the sidelines of the recent mad-cow debate, three of his former employees — Ronnie Cummins,…
Posted January 15, 2004 at12:00 am

Mad Cow Disease And The Workers’ Revolution

Sheldon Rampton — who co-authored the scaremongering book Mad Cow U.S.A. with John Stauber — has given his first interview on the subject since…
Posted January 9, 2004 at12:00 am

Combating Mad Cow Confusion

It’s a fact of life that professional activists have axes to grind, and the U.S. mad-cow scare has ignited our home-grown fearmongers like nothing else. But…
Posted January 6, 2004 at12:00 am

Mad Cow Bloody Propaganda Of The Week

“A lie will go ’round the world while the truth is pulling on its boots.” That proverb rings especially true in the world of mad-cow activism. And there’s one lie…
Posted January 6, 2004 at12:00 am

Mad Cow News Update: Day Ten

First, the bad news: For mad-cow alarmists, the New Year brings opportunities to exaggerate a single sick farm animal into gains for animal-rights groups, organic-food zealots, and anti-capitalist extremists. The…
Posted January 2, 2004 at12:00 am

Mad Cow News Update: Day Eight

Read on for today’s installment of news on the animal-rights, organic-food, and anti-capitalist activists who are trying to spin a minor agricultural incident into a major, nationwide fear of food.
Posted December 31, 2003 at12:00 am

Mad Cow News Update: Day Seven

As the news unfolds, we’re staying on top of mad-cow hysteria and activist hype. Here’s a sampling of what’s on our radar screen today. A mad-cow-related editorial in the…
Posted December 30, 2003 at12:00 am

The Mad Cow Scare: Day Six

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and other authorities continue to assure us that our meat supply is safe — and it appears that Americans believe them.
Posted December 29, 2003 at12:00 am