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Food With A Happy Face

The animal rights campaign against large-scale chicken farms ("factory farms," they call them) is starting to resonate with the public, and the organic food companies are already capitalizing on the consumer concerns they helped generate. Unfortunately, the tradeoffs for "humane" open farms higher food prices, increased exposure to bacteria and unchecked chicken cannibalism seem to far outweigh the peace of mind that the organic companies are trying to sell.
PostedNovember 7, 2000 at12:00 am

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Kids at New Trier High School outside Chicago got tired of people disparaging meat eaters, so they formed a Carnivorous Club. More than 70 students have joined so far. "We are always hearing that meat is bad for you," said Mike Deheeger, 16, one of the two founding carnivores. "This was a chance to get the other side of the story."
PostedOctober 23, 2000 at12:00 am

Report From The Front Lines

The Wine Tasting Association of the Washington DC area recently endured an animated protest by the fowl-mouthed bird lovers of the United Poultry Concern at their annual Foie…
PostedOctober 20, 2000 at12:00 am

Eat Your Meat!

Meat has been vindicated! Despite continued nanny lecturing to the contrary, new research shows that eating lean red meat or white meat for an extended amount of time offers significant health benefits and can help those with high cholesterol levels.
PostedOctober 5, 2000 at12:00 am

What Are These Chefs Cooking Up?

Who said: Morton’s Steakhouse is “an insult to anybody who has an ounce of intelligence‚Ķ [M]any people don’t realize when they eat those racks of flesh what their impact…
PostedSeptember 25, 2000 at12:00 am

Bring On The Bacon!

Despite all the anti-choice nannies preaching against it, bacon is back! The Seattle Times examines why bacon lovers are in hog heaven.
PostedSeptember 22, 2000 at12:00 am

This Bologna Has A First Name…

Jeffrey Armour Nelson, of the Armour meatpackers, now makes his living bashing meat and promoting vegetarianism. Nelson, rebelling against the family business, has crossed the line this time in an…
PostedSeptember 14, 2000 at12:00 am

Nanny Think

So, let's see if we can get this right. Public Citizen's new report says Americans are at risk from contaminated meat and poultry because of the new USDA inspection program. Yet Public Citizen opposes irradiation, which would eliminate almost all threats from meat if the USDA inspection program, as Public Citizen claims, isn't really working.
PostedSeptember 6, 2000 at12:00 am

Who Not To Invite To Your Barbeque

On Labor Day, everyone loves to throw some burgers and dogs on the grill to celebrate the last glorious day of summer. Everyone that is, except the anti-meat spoilsports from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who believe "meat is a risky food, whether or not it has been cooked thoroughly."
PostedAugust 23, 2000 at12:00 am

Roasting Your Favorite Barbeque

Fans of char-grilled steaks and hot dogs are under fire, as a writer for CBS HealthWatch ignites fear in the world's oldest form of cooking over a direct flame. In a thinly veiled pitch to switch to vegetarian, the author suggests limiting your grilled choices to fruits, vegetables and soy burgers.
PostedJuly 24, 2000 at12:00 am