Fat Taxes (page19)

Reason Enough To Roast Food Cops

“Surely it would be legitimate to point out that an anti-tobacco activist was a chain smoker, that an opponent of legalized gambling liked to play the slots, or that an…
Posted August 27, 2004 at12:00 am

The Maine Problem: Food Cops Run Amok

A state known for its rich and delicious lobster now faces the draft report of an anti-obesity plan straight out of the food cops’ playbook. The Commission to Study…
Posted August 23, 2004 at12:00 am

Kelly Brownell, Victim

Twinkie tax creator Kelly “Big Brother” Brownell wants to impose hefty taxes on some foods to shrink everyone else’s waists. As Fortune reported this week, Brownell’s anti-obesity battle…
Posted August 10, 2004 at12:00 am

France Surrenders To Food Gestapo

Sacre bleu! It looks like French school children won’t be having any cheese with their crackers next year — at least if it comes from vending machines.
Posted August 3, 2004 at12:00 am

A Chicken For Every (Crack)pot

The latest salvo in the Kelly Brownell-inspired international war to make food less “convenient, accessible, good-tasting … and cheap” has been fired by food cops across the pond.
Posted July 19, 2004 at12:00 am

Quote Of The Week

This is one funeral Canadians will be happy to attend. Yesterday the Toronto Star proclaimed Ontario’s dreaded fat tax “dead.” Tens of thousands of angry Ontario…
Posted April 22, 2004 at12:00 am

Eating: A Taxing Endeavor?

Today, millions of Americans will scramble to send off last-minute tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service. In all likelihood, few will kick back after a mad dash to the…
Posted April 15, 2004 at12:00 am

The (Food) Tax Man Cometh

As Americans file their last minute tax returns, Canadians are bracing themselves for a new levy on burgers and fries. Bureaucrats north of the border are gearing up to supersize…
Posted April 12, 2004 at12:00 am

Eat Globally, Tax Locally

An editorial in this morning’s USA Today disparages the World Health Organization (WHO) for encouraging fat taxes as a response to obesity. The paper argues that “…
Posted February 5, 2004 at12:00 am

WHO Wants A Fat Tax?

Every day on Planet Earth, 25,000 people die of starvation. Given this startling reality, one might be forgiven for wondering why the most controversial issue on the agenda…
Posted January 28, 2004 at12:00 am