Food Scares (page48)

Developing Nations Rebuke Good Food, Bad Food Cops

When the United States objected to the World Health Organization’s global anti-obesity strategy and its call for fat taxes, nutritional puritans threw a fit. The U.S.
Posted February 16, 2004 at12:00 am

Animal Rights Scam Of The Week

Last week, PETA’s front group, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), ran the appalling advertisement below in The Express, a free commuter newspaper distributed on the metro-rail system…
Posted February 6, 2004 at12:00 am

‘Physicians,’ Heal Thy Animal-Rights Bias

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), an animal-rights front group claiming to be a medical charity, launched a media campaign this week featuring reckless charges…
Posted July 23, 2003 at12:00 am

Food Not Addictive: Scientists’ Work Taken Out Of Context

Last month we noted that no one (with the exception of animal rights lunatic Neal Barnard) supports legal shark John Banzhaf’s theory that…
Posted July 18, 2003 at12:00 am

Lunatic Conspiracy Targets — Tap Water?

If you thought that a loony obsession with malevolent forces spiking our drinking water was limited to fictional characters from “Dr. Strangelove,” think again. Such characters are very…
Posted June 24, 2003 at12:00 am

Mad Cow Fiction, Stranger Than Truth

If you’re among the millions of Americans whose summer plans include a sandy beach and a wild work of fiction, we recommend taking along mad-cow disease selections from New…
Posted June 12, 2003 at12:00 am

Mercury, Schmercury. Eat Your Fish.

A new study published in the Lancet, an international medical journal, decisively demonstrates that there is nothing to fear from trace amounts of mercury in fish. In February,…
Posted May 21, 2003 at12:00 am

SPECIAL REPORT: Obesity-and-Cancer Junk Science Proves Nothing

By now you’ve all heard the news. Growing love-handles or having a little too much “junk in the trunk” will give us all cancer — or so the…
Posted May 6, 2003 at12:00 am

The Rights Of Scaremongers

The pretentiously named recently published an article titled “Want drugs with those fries?” that raises fears about the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture leading…
Posted April 28, 2003 at12:00 am

The End of PB&J

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would be banned from Connecticut schools under proposed legislation. Thanks to overblown fears of “trans fats,” the bill would eliminate all foods containing…
Posted April 2, 2003 at12:00 am