Food Scares (page49)

A Classified Ad We’d Like to See

Wanted — outrageous, outdated, out-of-context sound bites for use by major environmental advocacy group leader. No in-depth research, scientific literacy, or other validation needed. Just “short and punchy” quotes that…
Posted March 11, 2003 at12:00 am

Mad cow? What mad cow?

As we’ve been telling you for the past two years, the mad-cow-disease “epidemic” promised by anti-meat and organic-agriculture scaremongers was based on activist hype, not sound science. But you…
Posted March 3, 2003 at12:00 am

Activists Fishing For Danger

If activists have their way, supermarket chains in California will end up paying $2,500 in fines for every day they sold fish without “warning labels” about mercury. The…
Posted February 4, 2003 at12:00 am

Modern Activism 101

Today’s “affluent activists” are “condemning the world’s poor to lives of squalor,” says Knight Ridder columnist Paul Driessen in Tuesday’s Biloxi (MS) Sun Herald. Driessen argues that modern activism’s focus…
Posted January 16, 2003 at12:00 am

Report Sprouts Chemical Reaction

An attempt to promote organic produce through biased scientific research has boomeranged against activists, with the press ignoring their spin and focusing on the real story: Organic foods contain…
Posted May 9, 2002 at12:00 am

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore in his own words

“Since its founding in the late 60’s the modern environmental movement had created a vision that was international in scope and had room for people of all political persuasions… The…
Posted August 24, 2001 at12:00 am

Putting the blame for StarLink where it belongs

After all the dust has settled on the StarLink corn fiasco, who’s to blame? David Erickson, a past chairman of the American Soybean Association, lays responsibility squarely on the shoulders…
Posted August 22, 2001 at12:00 am

Too stupid for our own good

The busy bodies at the Center for Science in the Public Interest got a big boost in their campaign to limit America’s food choices yesterday. In their profile of CSPI,…
Posted July 30, 2001 at12:00 am

Don’t Throw Out That Canola Oil!

In the coming weeks you may receive an e-mail that begins “Consumer alert! Canola oil is hazardous to your health!” Throw it right in the trash: the e-mail, not the…
Posted June 20, 2001 at12:00 am

Everybody But CSPI Endorses New Labeling Plan

The food industry's recent announcement that it would voluntarily label products containing ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions was hailed by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Anne Munoz-Furlong, founder of the Network, said, "It will make life safe for individuals with food allergies and their families." Predictably, Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, was disappointed, according to the Hartford Courant. (No link is available.)
Posted June 4, 2001 at12:00 am