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U.S. Senate To Violent Activists: ‘Enough!’

Chilling words from John E. Lewis, the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism: “The Animal Liberation Front … is our highest domestic terrorism investigative priority.” Testifying this morning…
PostedMay 18, 2004 at12:00 am

Quote Of The Week

Animal-Rights Violence 101 is not yet an accredited course at any of our nation’s universities, but that doesn’t stop convicted Animal Liberation Front (ALF) arsonist Rodney…
PostedApril 30, 2004 at12:00 am

Animal Rights Goes ‘Haute Cuisine’

“If the extremists prevail, they will be taking a big step toward their ultimate goal of a vegan society,” Sonoma Foie Gras farm owner Guillermo Gonzalez wrote in…
PostedNovember 20, 2003 at12:00 am

Will The Ford Foundation Stop Bankrolling Violence?

The $9 billion Ford Foundation has announced new grantmaking policies that would prevent future funding of some violent activist groups — if Ford takes its own guidelines seriously.
PostedNovember 19, 2003 at12:00 am

Quote Of The Week

In the shadowy world of animal-rights and environmental terrorism, convicted arsonist and PETA grantee Rodney Coronado is nothing short of a hero. He is…
PostedNovember 6, 2003 at12:00 am

PETA’s Latest Excuse For Funding Terrorists

In 2002 the Center for Consumer Freedom first revealed that PETA had donated $1,500 of tax-exempt funds to the FBI-labeled terrorist Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Now, in a…
PostedOctober 2, 2003 at12:00 am

Earth First! Revealed

An in-depth profile of the militant environmental group Earth First! (EF!) has just been added to our award-winning and ever-growing ActivistCash website. EF! is largely responsible…
PostedOctober 1, 2003 at12:00 am

Sierra Club: Ever More Radical

The Sierra Club is one of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups. Its campaigns against livestock agriculture, modern crop farming, and even vineyards have…
PostedSeptember 4, 2003 at12:00 am

PETA ‘Just As Guilty’ As Terror-Mongers

In a public appearance before a veterans group yesterday, President Bush affirmed: “If you harbor a terrorist, if you support a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, you’re…
PostedAugust 27, 2003 at12:00 am

Pot, Meet Kettle

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is complaining to police about the reception their sickening “Holocaust on Your Plate” exhibit received in North Dakota (whose state beverage…
PostedAugust 22, 2003 at12:00 am