COVID-19 Meat Shortages Explained by Vet and Farmer

In a time of crisis, our ability to produce food is as important as having doctors and public safety officers. Along with our health and economic issues, we are starting to see our food supply chain have problems.

The biggest one has been around the meat supply. Meat processing plants are a middleman between farmers and consumers (individuals, restaurants, etc.). About two dozen plants have been disrupted after some workers have gotten the virus (most are asymptomatic). The plants are finely tuned, so even a temporary closure can have a ripple effect for grocery stores and their customers.

What’s going on? Recently, one pork farmer and veterinarian spoke to Vance Crowe, a comms specialist with a background in agriculture. The interview is long–about 45 minutes–so view some excerpts below that jump to some important insights. The answers may surprise you. Did you know, for instance, that we only have a few days’ supply of fresh pork?

Where is COVID-19 Coming From?

What Are You Doing For Your Workers? 

Why is There a Backup of Pork in Particular?

Do We Have Frozen “Reserves”?

How Will This Food Shortage Play Out?

See the full interview below. And for more information on the meat supply, read this recent Washington Post FAQ.